Why introverts can be exceptional leaders

People are social beings by nature, and we associate leadership qualities with extroverted personalities.

Extroverts draw energy from others and radiate natural confidence and determination when surrounded by large groups of people. Also, they show high self-esteem and know how to bring others together in pursuit of a specific goal. That’s why we’re kind of used to the idea that the best leaders are extroverts. However, if you think that introverts are not as successful leaders and managers (if not better), then you have fallen victim to a popular misconception!

Scientific research has consistently proven that this understanding is wrong. According to recent research from Harvard Business School, introverts are even more effective leaders in the most difficult and unpredictable conditions. Introverts have a unique set of qualities that are not inherent in extroverts, which make them better prepared for the particular situations on which the company’s long-term success depends.

Here are some of the leadership qualities of introverts that are often overlooked by business:

Introverts find motivation in productivity, not ambition

One of the most common misconceptions about introverts is that they are less motivated to succeed than their social counterparts. However, the truth is that their motivation comes from other factors and they measure success by different indicators.

Introverts have different ways of thinking and experience satisfaction and happiness from different stimuli. Instead of praise and career advancement, the introvert gets more satisfaction from maintaining high team productivity and quality work.

Introverts build more meaningful connections

Because introverts are motivated by quality and efficiency, they often seem detached and inaccessible to other people. At first glance, they seem to prefer not to make personal connections with others. As with their motivation, in this case, the difference in their attitude to others comes from their priorities.

Although not particularly talkative in large groups, introverts are great communicators when it comes to building deeper and meaningful connections and face-to-face conversations. This approach to their work helps them to get to know each member of their team better and to understand their specific needs and desires as well as their strengths and weaknesses.

They are not easily distracted

Although introverts are not completely detached from other people and their environment, they can muffle noise and concentrate on what matters most. They draw their energy from within and can easily focus on a specific task without being distracted by what is happening in the office.

The ability to maintain their concentration against the background of all the chaos in the workplace further emphasizes the ability of introverts as leaders. Their focus allows them to better focus on the needs of their team without being distracted by other tasks or requests.

Introverts prefer to be comprehensive and precise, rather than fast, in solving serious problems

Problem-solving is at the heart of good leadership, and according to research, introverts have more gray matter in the frontal cortex, which is associated with abstract thinking and decision making. This allows them to make well-informed and informed choices and take a more creative approach to solve problems. According to other studies, introverts are less likely to make hasty decisions.

Since their goal is always to get the job done properly, introverts are not satisfied with mediocre results. For example, an introvert leader is less likely to approve a project if members of his team have objections or doubts about its implementation. He will try to ensure the success of the project by addressing all these concerns before moving forward. In case of serious disagreement, lack of interest in social prestige gives the introvert an advantage in finding a solution that is for the good of the project.

The best leaders are not always the most noticeable and most talkative. The truth is that every company will earn huge dividends if it allows the introverts in its ranks to shine in their way, away from the spotlight.

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