What good leaders should never do

What good leaders should never do

The leadership position goes hand in hand with great responsibility.

People look at you as a role model and accept everything you do as a benchmark for professionalism. If you do not pay enough attention to your words and actions, you risk losing the respect and trust of your employees. Here are some things a leader should never do:

To become addicted to power

Even if you have a lot of power over the people you lead, that doesn’t mean you have to rub their noses. If you want to be a liked leader, you need to learn to rely more on communication and mutual trust instead of orders and authoritarianism.

To attribute other people’s achievements

Leaders and bosses who present the success of their team as their achievements alienate their employees and make effective cooperation with them an unattainable goal. In these cases, people choose between two options – either to significantly reduce the effort they put into their work, or to begin to undermine the reputation of their leader. In such a situation there are no winners.

To have favorites

If you have ever witnessed blatant favoritism in the workplace, you know very well how harmful it can be. There are very few things that can have a stronger demotivating effect than your ideas and suggestions being ignored by your boss at the expense of those expressed by his pet. As a leader, you need to treat all your employees in the same way and pay attention to the problems, needs, and desires of each member of your team. Otherwise, the work becomes a game in which no one wants to participate.

To waste the time of others

Some bosses call and send messages to their employees at any time of the day. They have a habit of interrupting family dinners and afternoon naps over the weekend with tasks they want to do right now. Leaders who do this show their employees that they do not respect their time.

To be a micromanager

You will recognize the boss, who is a maniac on the subject of control, by his constant need to interfere in every aspect of the work of all his employees. He is never happy with what others have achieved because he believes he can do better than them. Micro-managers do not let people do the job they were assigned to do.

To lie

Leaders need to tell the truth, even when it is not pleasant. Lies always catch up with the person who tells them, so there’s no point in trying to cover up something that will come out sooner or later. If you are caught lying, you will lose the trust of your employees forever.

To humiliate people

Perhaps the worst type of leader is one who tries to strengthen his position over others by belittling their successes and making them feel insignificant and incompetent. This is the complete opposite of a good leader who tries to motivate and inspire his employees – to make them believe that they can achieve even the impossible.

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