Three challenges that will teach you to think like an entrepreneur

Three challenges that will teach you to think like an entrepreneur

Challenges are one of the most popular genres on social media. In the profiles of almost all of us, there have been people who have embarked on a challenge, such as doing 100 push-ups every day for a month.

But are there any benefits to these challenges? Although experts warn that overwork and too high expectations for results can have a negative effect, from a purely mental point of view, the challenges are rather positive.

Limited time helps to alleviate some of the horrors of creating a new habit, while the social aspect of sharing with others strengthens the commitment to continue the challenge. Repeating these actions helps maintain habits.

All this means that your friend’s fitness troubles on Facebook are far from meaningless. However, can these challenges be used to develop a certain way of thinking and skills that will help you be a successful entrepreneur?

Noah Kagan believes that the answer to this question is yes. In his blog, the startup veteran and founder of AppSumo claims that a few small challenges can give any future entrepreneur the qualities he needs to run his business successfully.

“My experience with more than 10,000 people shows that fear is the biggest obstacle to starting a business – the fear of rejection and the fear of being asked,” Kagan wrote. However, several specific challenges have helped thousands of people overcome this fear, “he said, citing three of them:

The challenge with the discount

To cope with this challenge, it is enough to ask for a small discount for a morning cup of coffee or another similar small purchase. Here we must note two things – first, do not be disrespectful to the seller and secondly, the purpose of the exercise is not really to get a discount.

“Most people are trying to find an excuse not to take on this challenge. Well, they say, “Oh, I don’t need a discount, I have money.” However, if you ask for a 10% discount, I can guarantee that you will learn something about yourself that may come as a surprise, ”says Kagan.

Asking for such a discount is more difficult, but also more useful than you think. The benefit of the challenge is not the few pennies saved on coffee, but the fact that you have proven to yourself that you can cope with the inconvenience in a social environment and get rejected.

“Overcoming the inconvenience and moving forward is the way to succeed. “Success is not about getting a discount,” Kagan said.

The challenge of seeking help

No one, no matter how smart and experienced starts a business all by himself. Everyone relies on external experts and trusted advisors for some part of the process. For this reason, it is good to get used to the idea from the very beginning that you will have to seek help.

“If you have Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, or Facebook – post now something you need help with. Ideally, it will be something that you have not sought help for before and that makes you feel a little uncomfortable,” he explains.

Kagan insists the answer will be instructive.

“There are many people who want to succeed, but I know just as many entrepreneurs who are afraid to ask for help. “People are ready to help, they just don’t know how if you don’t look for them,” he said.

The challenging challenge

Overcoming the fear of rejection and developing the ability to ask for help is the key to entrepreneurial success. The same goes for personal growth. If you want your business to be successful in the long run, you will need to become the best version of yourself. For this, you will need regular and reliable feedback.

“Find someone who can give you a bond and challenge you to be your best self. This is not always pleasant, but it always helps. If you find this experience useful, you can increase the number of people you get feedback from, ”says Kagan.

Research shows that over time, a person can change his personality. It is not enough to hope that you will become the person who is brave enough to start a business. To do this, you need to put yourself in situations that help build the necessary qualities. This makes Kagan’s challenges a great way to prepare for entrepreneurship.

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