“This will never happen” – the book about the birth of Netflix

"This will never happen" - the book about the birth of Netflix

Most of you probably already have a subscription to a company with a market value of over $ 150 billion.

Yes, we are talking about Netflix – a real giant in the field of streaming services. And if only a few years ago people were wondering “What do they give on TV today?”, This question now sounds like this: “What’s new in Netflix?”. But can we imagine what exactly Netflix is ​​beyond the red caption and the wide range of movies and series in every possible genre?

Mark Randolph’s book This Will Never Happen tells the story of Netflix, but more. It answers some of the fundamental questions related to creating and maintaining any business. It addresses questions such as: “How to build an empire?”, “Where to start?”, “How to accept failures?”, “What does success mean?” and many others that every young entrepreneur faces.

Who is Mark Randolph?

First of all, he is the author of This Will Never Happen. But it is also many other things that have contributed to making the book happen. Mark Randolph is a large Silicon Valley entrepreneur who is the founder of Netflix and the company’s first CEO. The title of the book, This Will Never Happen, speaks volumes about the thorny path Mark Randolph has taken. He has heard this phrase dozens of times from sponsors who did not believe in his idea, and even from his wife. But isn’t this exactly the phrase that can motivate a person to prove otherwise? That’s exactly what Randolph tells us. Not only in his book but also in the many lectures on entrepreneurship, business, and leadership that he gives to young people around the world.

Nearly two decades ago, in his 40s, Mark Randolph had rejected more than one or two business ideas. In the late 1990s, when the Internet seemed more impossible than a flying car, and access to it in every home was taboo, Mark decided to use the Internet, not for anything but to rent DVDs. However, his work, in different fields and with different people, teaches him that the secret of success is largely universal. And although he realizes that he offers a product that people want and are willing to pay for, he believes that everything needed to turn an idea into reality lies deep within us.

“This will never happen” – a valuable lesson for everyone

The book comes as an instructive word for anyone who is on the path to success. It confronts us with the troubles and failures that invariably come our way, but only to make us stronger and more ambitious. Mark Randolph is an example not only of a great entrepreneur but also of a leader who creates a team. He says that on the way he often had to part with some people, leave others in the past, etc., but the right judgment and timely intuition have led him to where he is today. The book is full of absurdities, internal torments, and obstacles. Mark Randolph himself denies the romance of stories that create an illusory notion of the sudden inspiration that led to unprecedented success. “The truth is that behind every good idea there are thousands of bad ones. And sometimes it’s very difficult to determine which one is what. ”

Today we are watching Netflix write a story that will surely change the current image of the film industry, but thanks to “It will never happen”, we can go back and see where it all started. People are often capricious about products for which they have to pay a fee regularly. But by reading “This will never happen”, we are sure you will understand why the monthly subscription is something without which your favorite streaming platform can not work.

Mark tells his future readers, “We’ve come a long way, so now I want to tell you about everything we’ve fought and share with you everything we’ve learned.” Because it’s important to read valuable books whose authors have something to tell us. they say and know how to do it the right way.

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