The need for effective leadership has never been greater

The need for effective leadership has never been greater

In times of great uncertainty and lightning-fast changes in business, all organizations, teams, and employees have one main goal – to survive.

We can say that the need for effective leadership has never been greater.

Although professional titles burden managers with the responsibility to lead others in these difficult times, everyone can be a leader in their history – to achieve their goals, develop their careers, and adapt to the new normal.

But can the answer to the leadership problems we face today be found in a 30-year-old book?

Stephen R. Covey’s bestseller The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People has been named the most influential business book of the 20th century and one of the ten most influential management books in history. The book has been translated into over 50 languages, with worldwide sales exceeding 40 million.

In the new anniversary edition of the book, Sean Covey, president of FranklinCovey Education and son of the late Stephen Covey, adds his knowledge and life experience to each of the chapters of the Business Bible.

“The more challenging the challenges facing society, the more important the seven habits are for the new generation of leaders. These habits are based on timeless and generally accepted principles of efficiency. My father did not claim to have invented these concepts, he systematized them into habits according to which people live. They work! ”Says Covey.

They are integrated into the daily thinking of millions of people of all ages and professions (especially among entrepreneurs and managers). Let’s go back to these 7 habits and see how they can help us with the current crisis.

Be proactive

People are responsible for their own choices and decisions. They have the freedom to take action based on their principles and values, not on their current moods and external conditions. They choose not to be victims and not to blame others for their failures. Take your destiny into your own hands and become the person you want to be.

Think about the end before you start something

Highly efficient people sculpt their future by first building a vision for their life, week, day, or project, whether small or large. They do not live day by day without a clear goal.

Put the important things first

Effective people make decisions with a clear idea of ​​what are the most important things in their lives. They organize their lives and work around several top priorities that can be expressed through personal, family, and organizational goals. They give meaning and purpose to their lives, instead of waiting for them from external forces.

Follow the win-win approach

Effective people strive to make decisions and take actions that benefit everyone. This earns them the respect and support of others. At work, they prefer the pronoun “I” instead of “I”. They do not approach things selfishly (I have to win, even if others lose), or as a martyr (I am ready to lose if others win).

Strive to understand others first, and then to be understood

When listening to some, try to understand the thoughts and feelings he is experiencing at the moment so that you can effectively present your ideas and emotions. Through understanding, effective people build strong relationships based on mutual trust; give feedback without sparing criticism, and do not impose their point of view on others.

Create synergy

Effective leaders focus on their strengths while valuing other people’s qualities and respecting differences. They know that when there are people in a team who complement each other with their different skills and knowledge, the sum becomes greater than the individual parts.

Sharpen the saw

Effective people are constantly cultivated in four main areas: body (physical), mind (mental), heart (social/emotional), and spirit (spiritual).

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