The insecure boss

The insecure boss

Working with an insecure boss can be a real challenge.

However, there are several ways to make this experience more bearable. It is even possible to improve the work environment and promote a productive and harmonious relationship with your leader. Here are some things to keep in mind when dealing with an insecure manager:

Don’t let his lack of self-esteem affect you

An insecure leader usually expresses his lack of self-confidence in the form of distrust – in his employees, in his employers, and even in the workplace as a whole. This type of boss always blames others when things go wrong. They also suffer from constant paranoia, thinking that someone is trying to move them out of their position. The best way to deal with such a leader is to realize that his behavior is not proof that you or your colleagues have made a mistake, but simply a reflection of his doubt in his abilities.

Evaluate its strengths

It is difficult to find something to praise your boss when his insecurity makes your job more difficult, but it is in these difficult conditions that one should try to look at things through a positive prism. If you can focus on your boss’s talents and strengths, you will find a reason to praise him, and this will help him control his insecurities.

Do not allow comparisons

Complexes and insecurities are often the results of comparisons with other more successful and capable people. Do not compare your boss with others and do not encourage him to try to be someone who is not. Help him feel good in his skin and show him that everyone makes mistakes and has something to learn, both professionally and personally.

Make a connection between your success and that of your leader

Maintaining high productivity and performance under the guidance of an insecure boss can be quite difficult, especially if one is worried about overshadowing one’s leader. Very often the best approach in these cases is to remind your boss that your success is directly related to theirs. Explain to your manager that your achievements would not have been possible without his advice, guidance, and guidance.

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