The HR leader has a high degree of emotional intelligence

The HR leader has a high degree of emotional intelligence

In a crisis, people are much more sensitive to the personal attitude and care of employers.

– What is the big lesson that Human Resources (HR) managers learned last year?

To be faster, more flexible, and more ready for changes, including in the way of thinking. We conducted a survey among colleagues and the HR word of the year that stood out was “transformation”. It includes both the change in the processes of digitalization and the relationships and interactions between people, in the way of life. So we reconsidered our plans and goals, saw with different eyes the values ​​we believe in, and rethought our professional and personal priorities. But the difficulties were also an opportunity to work more closely with colleagues from the guild, and to share more. Critical situations have taught us that together we are stronger and can be faster and more adequate in the solutions we provide to the business. Reference: “Implementation of Human Resource Management (HRM)“,

– What are the new realities in which people are hired, retained, and motivated?

They are naturally related to the digital way of working – remote interviews of job candidates and assessment of how well they will fit into the corporate culture. The introduction of new employees was quite difficult during the period of complete closure.

Another challenge is motivating teams to create new ideas, products, and solutions when creating remotely. That is why our offices are more and more a place for sharing, team meetings, and common projects.

Managers need to motivate their employees from a distance without losing touch with them. Caring for people, empathy and personal attitude is increasingly important for sustainable relationships that ensure the retention of key people.

It is now easier to hire employees from another locality without having to change their place of residence. This is in favor of the business’s desire for diversity and tolerance. The fact is that the digital way of working and living is not new to many companies, but today the scale is larger and involves a change in many organizational processes. This also applies to the legal framework related to them. The most important thing is to change people’s attitudes to work, to relationships with colleagues, to new knowledge and skills.

– How can HR managers be useful in effectively managing teams remotely?

– The main challenge is for managers to maintain the level of motivation, commitment, and productivity of their teams despite the distance. It is an obligatory condition that the regular relations with the teams are not only on work but also on social and human topics. In a crisis, people are much more sensitive to the personal attitude and care of employers.

The role of HR teams in 2021 will be aimed at implementing the hybrid work model so that employees can more successfully interact with managers and colleagues and integrate work with their personal lives.

At BFSA we launched a program to create well-being to limit the negative effects on the psyche and strengthen team relationships. We are helping HR colleagues with new ideas to support the mental health of employees – one of our top priorities this year.

In the future, the HR Guild will use more analytical data in decision-making. It will work in the mode of digitalized labor relations. We will apply a hybrid model of work and interaction with people in organizations.

– What actions have HR managers taken to improve the work environment of human management professionals?

– We formed two working groups and developed proposals for changes in labor legislation concerning teleworking and digitalization of labor relations (employment record book), which we submitted for consideration by the National Council for Tripartite Cooperation. These two areas need to change. Through webinars and conferences, hundreds of guild professionals learned about the good practices of their colleagues and learned ideas for even better management of people in their organizations. Our new site helps HR experts get advice from other representatives of the profession. We have expanded the scope and intensity of work with regional clubs and built a sustainable network of interaction. Reference: “Development of the concept of Human Resources Management (HRM)“,

– How can an HR manager become an HR leader?

– The HR manager manages processes and achieves results by performing specific tasks. The leader has a broader view of the organization and its needs and is an engine in building a culture that meets future business development plans. The HR leader has a high degree of emotional intelligence and stability, skills to build sustainable relationships with diverse teams, and flexibility. Becoming a manager into a leader is a matter of personal attitude and professional focus. Awareness and skills are needed to strike a balance between the goals and interests of business and the needs of people.

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