The boss doesn’t like that

The boss doesn't like that

Regardless of the organization, you need a strong character to be a business leader or CEO.

People with strong character strongly express what they like and what they don’t. Leaders have several universal factors that are blacklisted. Here are 4 of them, based on real experiences with people in leadership positions.

Lack of control

What I saw under the skin of the CEOs was the influence of external organizations on the work of the company. They usually deprive the boss and the management as a whole of influence.

Top managers are used to controlling their environment and circumstances. Usually, they determine the vision, goals, and mission of a business.


This affects the management of expectations that bosses deal with. As flexible and predictable as they are, they certainly face unexpected problems at least a few times in their careers that require a quick solution.


Every director I’ve worked with sees fraud as a betrayal of myself and the organization and is usually uncompromising when it comes. While some are willing to give a second chance, it is usually difficult to gain a person’s trust again, and the doubt remains.


When things get worse, the last thing a director wants to do is blame his team. The true leader is looking for answers and solutions to fix the situation and make sure it does not happen again.

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