Stupid decisions of leaders

Stupid decisions of leaders

Many leaders do not realize or do not want to understand that many of their decisions and actions are extremely stupid and that they drive their employees crazy.

Even intelligent and committed leaders have blind spots and sometimes disappoint and irritate their subordinates with reckless behavior and attitudes. Your employees may not have the courage to tell you, but I will do it for them – It’s time to stop! If you stop making these stupid mistakes, everyone in your organization, including yourself, will be the winner.

Stop interrupting people

Do not think that just because you are considered intelligent and competent you have the right to lead monologues and interrupt others while they speak. The best communicators know that the most important part of the communication process is listening and understanding.

Stop thinking that only you know the right answer

If you think you are usually the smartest person in the room, then you have a problem. Great leaders surround themselves with people who are smarter than them. A team of intelligent people discusses every important action and decision of both its members and its leader. In this way, everyone will learn from others and grow as a professional.

Stop setting unattainable goals

Of course, it is good to set ambitious goals for your team so that you can assess exactly how far its capabilities extend. However, the constant flow of unrealistic goals creates unnecessary workload and stress in daily work. In these cases, people become nervous and distracted and stop giving their best because they see that their goals are unattainable. Be realistic.

Stop trying to control everything

Most people value confident leadership but react negatively to excessive control. If you have smart and talented people in your team who are ready to take the initiative, give them as much autonomy and freedom of action as possible and help them become leaders.

Stop taking the good work of your employees for granted

It is not enough to praise your employees once or twice a year. It is important to show that you value the work of your employees as often as possible. Every achievement of the team must be noted. When your employees make mistakes, you need to remind them that failure is an integral part of the road to success.

Stop imposing unnecessary rules

There are rules in the work that must be followed. However, some make no sense and only make people’s lives harder instead of easier. Get rid of them.

Stop criticizing people in public

It is one thing to disapprove of your employee’s words or actions, but it is quite another to humiliate him in front of his colleagues. Give frequent feedback, trying to be constructive and respectful.

Even intelligent leaders can do stupid things and develop bad habits. What makes them smart is the fact that they recognize their shortcomings and make the necessary changes in their behavior.

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