Simon Sinek’s books changed the concept of leadership

Simon Sinek's books changed the concept of leadership

In recent years, motivational books, reading books on leadership and business, which discuss the topics of success and ambition, failure and investment, have attracted increasing interest and attention in the literary world.

People’s interest in this type of question is very high, even when they are not engaged in areas where they can directly apply what they have learned from reading. The mass appearance of books on personal development and for a flying start in business opened a wide discussion, which led to the logical question: “Does what is written inside help?”, “Who can we trust?”, “How to apply what we have learned?” and others.

In answer to all these questions, today we will talk about an absolute optimist – Simon Sinek, whose work is aimed at inspiring. He believes that he can build a world in which people will be satisfied with their work and will wake up every day in a positive mood for the next 4,8,12 working hours. He describes a profession that he enjoys as “passion”, everything else he calls “stress”. Through the years of his work, Simon has discovered how people work optimally and what the role of the leader and his influence is to make it happen most easily. He spends his time sharing his experience with other leaders who need guidance and working models. And if you’re wondering exactly how popular Simon Sinek is with his work, let me tell you that “Simon” became the fifth most searched term on YouTube in 2017. And his performances at TED events garnered millions of views worldwide and were subtitled. in dozens of languages.

Simon Sinek’s books have opened a new niche in the genre of leadership and business success. And if you haven’t read them yet, it’s time to change that. On the one hand, they will help you to be more complete in your workplace and change your vision for your profession. On the other hand, these books revolutionized literature, which will certainly be reflected in further works of this genre.

“Start with why” – this worldwide bestseller with over 1 million copies sold in the United States alone, presents Simon Sinek’s concept of the “Golden Circle”, which focuses on the question “Why?” In his first TED Talk in 2009, he introduced this concept, trying to draw people’s attention to the mission of their endeavor. Simon believes that “people buy not what you do, but the reason you do it.” With this appearance, he became one of the most-watched TED speakers and his concept quickly fell into the spotlight. In the book you will find comments from companies that already use the “Golden Circle” in various areas of their activities – to increase loyalty, for greater impact on the market, to promote new products, etc .;
“Leaders always have lunch last” – he believes that when leaders are dedicated to what they do and have the necessary qualities, their team will work many times better for the common goal. It is this idea that creeps into the title, which comes to tell us that leaders always put their people and their interests before them. This book has been available on the Bulgarian market since 2018 and since then has inspired more and more people with its guidelines for a highly effective leader and his main functions;
“The Endless Game” – in business there are no winners and losers, not because everyone is equally good or it is difficult to say who is the best, but because this game has no end. Simon Sinek tells us just that in this book, and his ideas are backed by a series of stories from his many years of experience and life lessons. He draws attention to how much more important it is to build something sustainable, stable, and timeless than to try to become winners where there are none.
World-renowned motivational and marketing consultant Simon Sinek allows you to rediscover the world of business, delve into the depths and learn to build a solid foundation for the future. His three books are as different as they are similar. They revolve around basic ideas that lie in Simon’s messages but are viewed from a different angle and perspective so that each reader understands how each of them works.

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