Now is the time to change your management style

Now is the time to change your management style

Times of crisis are challenging, but they provide many opportunities to develop leadership skills.

This is especially true today. One of the many changes brought about by the coronavirus pandemic is that the old-fashioned style of governing, in which the boss only gives orders and regulations, is becoming a relic of the past. The current virtual work environment gives employees a high level of autonomy, with leaders facing more variables than they can control. Now is the perfect time for these leaders to rethink their management style. Here are some things leaders can do in times of crisis:

In times of crisis, leaders can be more involved

If in the past your management style was based on controlling every action of your employees, now you have the opportunity to turn your attention to commitment – to show more curiosity about the needs, problems, and dreams of your employees, to be interested not only in what they do but also how they feel. It’s time to loosen your grip on the work of your subordinates and build more authentic relationships with them.

In times of crisis, leaders can be more careful

If you are one of those bosses who does not listen very much to the words of others, now is the time to become a good communicator. When they talk, people do not want to feel that they are wasting their time and that their ideas and views remain unheard. Allow your employees to speak more often and share their opinions without fear that this may cause them problems. Listen and learn. At a time like this, leaders need as many perspectives as possible, whether on familiar or new issues.

In times of crisis, leaders can give more support

If providing support has not been part of your leadership style so far, you need to correct this mistake as soon as possible. In times of crisis, people need support and encouragement from their leaders. If you don’t know where to start, ask your employees a simple question: “What do you need and how can I help you?” With this question, you will lay the foundation for a more positive work norm.

In times of crisis, leaders can benefit from the diverse composition of their team

In an ideal workplace, everyone can use their unique skills, knowledge, and abilities to do their job as well as possible. Different approaches to the same tasks should be encouraged, not criticized, as long as they bring good results. However, many leaders do not take advantage of this diversity and impose strict and rigid rules on how to do things. The current situation is the perfect opportunity to discover new approaches to work and use diversity to create value.

As difficult as times of crisis may be, they provide an opportunity for people to interact in new ways. If you feel that you are not doing very well in your leadership responsibilities, now is your chance to change things.

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