Managers are not only good or bad. What type of leader should I be?

At some point in his career, every manager asks himself, “What kind of leader should I be?” Is it better to be the “good guy” that all employees like or a strict and authoritative leader who respects and sometimes even fears?

Although in the past many companies have focused on building a more welcoming and positive company culture, many of the most popular leaders in our society are still among the “rigorous” leaders, contributing to the promotion of the tireless visionary stereotype, who is not satisfied with results other than perfect ones.

However, the truth is that leaders cannot be divided only into “strict” and “good” people. Dan Roberts, CEO, and co-founder of Scout Alarm, recently caught my attention with a different category – the calm leader.

Roberts believes the “calm leader” creates a work environment that makes workers happier and more productive in the long run. According to him, this is due to 4 reasons:

A calm leader instills respect and trust in others

Roberts says his company is expected to take the initiative and make proposals for specific projects.

“Although I consider myself a calm leader, it does not mean that I am not interested in what is happening in the company and the results that my employees achieve. The idea is that I believe enough in their abilities and give them the freedom they need to carry out their tasks the way they see fit, “he says.

Based on this model of work, the effectiveness of employees depends entirely on their personal qualities and their ability to forge their destiny.

Very often, managers try to control every aspect of their employees’ work, but according to Robert, small companies must learn to hire people who can handle their responsibilities without constantly being supervised and directed in different directions by their executives.

A relaxed work atmosphere encourages collaboration

If your manager is calm and positive, this will affect the entire work environment and help employees feel safe and encouraged to work with their colleagues. When employees know their colleagues on a more personal level, they feel more comfortable sharing their ideas and views.

“When combined with effective communication between team members, the collaborative environment creates the conditions for a smoother and more seamless workflow than more rigorous and hierarchical structures,” says Robert.

Calm leadership encourages creativity

Do you know what else promotes calm leadership? Creativity!

“When employees know their voice is heard from others, they are more likely to share interesting and unusual ideas. Abundance from different perspectives is critical to the success of any company, “says Roberts.

Calm leaders gain confidence through transparency

Calm leaders realize that not one person can be given all the responsibilities of a company. This understanding goes hand in hand with the belief that a leader should be as transparent as possible in communicating with his or her employees because it helps to build trust and loyalty.

According to Robert, sharing important information and involving all team members in the decision-making process makes people feel like they are an integral part of something bigger and motivates them to do their best. Keep reading: There are different types of managers and leaders

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