How to increase the business value of your projects and organization

Business value is not just an economic concept. In today’s large companies, the business value is a real concept. It can be reduced or increased.

In this article, we present the 20 examples of BVOP business value-added and the explanations thereto (

User and customer satisfaction

One of the most important values ​​is that the customers and users of a given product are satisfied and satisfied. All stakeholders must be satisfied with the product or service in order to be successful.


It is very important for the market to be innovative and to have ideas that can be realized.

Human relations

For me personally, this is one of the very important values ​​for the team to go well. You have to treat everyone as a person first and then look at him as a resource. We must have adequate expectations for each of the team of what can and what does not.

Human Resources

Human relations go hand in hand with human resources so that the reason is the same again. You need to know how to treat people and treat them well by helping with whatever you can.

Total contribution

The overall contribution to a successful project and also a very important factor. Everyone should work as a team and everyone contributes something to the project.

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Organizational culture provokes people to be proactive, contribute, share and be aware of the business goals of the organization.

  • Acceptance and approval of diversity and diversity (in terms of individual culture, background, etc. of workers).
  • The attitude of accepting and properly treating the contribution of everyone working for the company.
  • The pride and enthusiasm of the employee of the organization and the work that is done.
  • Equal opportunities for every employee to realize their full potential within the company
  • Perfect communication at the level between all employees regarding the policies and issues and problems in the company
  • Strong leadership with a strong sense of good governance, giving the necessary guidance and guidance, as well as the goals and results sought
  • Competitiveness in industrial innovation and customer service
    Lower than usual levels of fluidity (but when achieved through a healthy organizational culture)
  • Investment in learning, training and knowledge for workers

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Modernization and innovation.

Innovation must be taken into account with every idea or opinion that is given because one never knows which team will be the best and most innovative idea. The brainstorming method can be used to give everyone their ideas.

People in the organization show respect for each other and work productively.

This requires a good organizational culture and good relationships between people.

The number of people leaving the organization is limited to a minimum.

Outgoing interviews would give very good feedback as to why people leave, and thus measures can be taken to limit leaving. Also, more meetings with the team on an individual level so you can know what their problems are and if possible, solve them.

Conflicts and negative environments are minimized.

Again with constant communication, you can prevent these conflicts and negative environments.

Everyone in the organization is constantly improving their personal and professional skills.

It would be best if the organization itself offers training that is free of charge for employees and able to participate in them.

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Team members look for and remove obstacles without waiting for management to do so.

This is proactive and it depends a lot on the person himself or herself to be inclined to do so

Management and team members work together to streamline processes and accelerate development time.

This, in my opinion, should be the most normal thing to happen because everyone has to work together to optimize work and can also be done through a brainstorming session.

Costs are managed and planned carefully.

Good research is required for the materials and products that will be needed for the project. Also, have a budget in advance that you can work on and have an idea of ​​what you can afford in the project.

The tools and the environment are constantly improving.

This is a bit down to the last topic of cost and how successful the organization is. If there are successful projects and the resources are available to improve the working environment and the tools should do it.

Unnecessary documents, processes and communications are avoided.

Sometimes there is a lot of documentation that is superfluous and just wastes time. It is best to know in advance which documents will be needed and be able to prepare earlier. And meetings to make important things.

The main causes of problems, defects, and obstacles are analyzed, tracked and eliminated.

The main causes of problems can still be found through more communication with the team and senior management. Corrective and preventive action, the CAPA method, can also be used.
Quality standards are followed and implemented without significant waste of time and resources. The best option is the Quality Control team.

The fatigue is managed and teams do not spend too much time on trivial tasks.

Excessive fatigue can be managed through team building, making smaller leisure games more often.

The documentation and requirements are created and maintained in an easy and convenient style so that everyone understands them easily and saves time from unnecessary discussions and misunderstandings.

Excel spreadsheets are the best option for everyone to share.

Meetings and discussions do not lead to a waste of time and always lead to desired results.

Every meeting should have a focus and meaning. There should be no meetings for absolutely everything. Some things are better written in the email.

Product development focuses on the most important goals and needs.

Product development should be tailored to the customer’s needs and needs. All product results, concepts and versions are validated with real users and the risk of an undesired product is limited. Marketing surveys, surveys with real users.

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Customer and customer satisfaction is steadily increasing.

This is one of the most important things for a company. Every company wants the customer to be satisfied because their business depends on the client. This is achieved by always treating the client in the best way and maintaining good communication with him and always responding appropriately to the problems.

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