How can you recognize someone with leadership potential?

How can you recognize someone with leadership potential?

My clients often ask me – how can you recognize a person with leadership potential.

More than 30 years of experience as a senior management coach and executive manager have taught me that certain qualities make people stand out as leaders and help them convince others of their own. your views and understandings of the world. Relevant qualities are not indicators that these people will necessarily become good leaders, but they do prove that such potential exists. These qualities can be recognized from afar. Here are some of them:


People who have high leadership potential give 110% of themselves in everything they do. Besides, they do it without boasting and constantly teasing about how much work they do. In other words, they are not making all these efforts to promote themselves, but for the good of their team and the organization as a whole.


Potential leaders are not content with just what they are doing right now. They are constantly looking for new tasks and new skills. They are the people who ask, “What can I do to help?” They are the people who lend a hand to their colleagues when they are most in need.


Are there people in your work whose opinions you always seek when you are faced with a difficult task? Those who are born to be leaders. They can be found at any level in an organization – be they colleagues, subordinates, or bosses. They are always ready to answer your question and help you in any way they can.

Value system

People with a strong value system are easily recognized, especially in difficult situations. They do what they think is right without thinking. They never look for the easy one, but put all their efforts into finding an honest solution. They see their values ​​as something that cannot be compromised.


Even in the largest and most successful organizations, pessimism is something that can easily infect people and spread quickly to all floors. If you know a person who does not look at things in a positive light and always finds something positive even in the worst situation, you have found a potential leader – especially if his optimism is contagious.

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