Good leaders know when to back down

Good leaders know when to back down

When you hear the word “successful leader”, the image of a person who is confident and determined appears in your mind.

This is not surprising, given the fact that the ability to make quick and effective decisions is crucial for any manager. However, this does not mean that the leader is infallible.

The truth is that good leader happen to change their minds more often than you think. They are always ready to make adjustments to their course if they are sure that it will be for the benefit of their employees, customers, and the company as a whole. However, it is important to emphasize the fact that they do not change their position just because someone has shaken them. They know when it is necessary to make a change in the plan, demonstrating their proverbial determination precisely through the ability to overturn their previous decision. Here are some situations in which it is good to rethink your decision:

New information has appeared

It is not uncommon for leaders to receive new information about a task only after they have made a final decision on its implementation. Sometimes this information completely changes the situation and the context of the choice. Whether it is an unforeseen circumstance or a mistake on the part of your team when faced with such a situation, instead of looking for culprits, focus on integrating new information into the workflow. In some cases, the decision already taken can be adapted to the new circumstances, but in others, a complete change of approach is needed, so do not be afraid to abandon your previous opinion when the situation requires it.

The situation becomes unpredictable or unstable

In today’s uncertain political climate and ever-changing labor market, even the best-considered solutions can lead to complete chaos in seconds. If this happens, there is no point in defending a position that is no longer relevant. Turn your back on stubbornness and learn to adapt to changing circumstances.

Reviews indicate the need for change

Even when they sound good in theory, bold and ambitious decisions are sometimes not feasible in practice. If early feedback, whether from the team or customers, indicates that for some reason this plan will not work, the most sensible approach is to listen to feedback and make the necessary adjustments. Do not overlook the opinion of those who are best acquainted with the situation.

It’s time to wait

Sometimes a person is faced with situations in which the best move is to do nothing. In this case, it is not a question of a complete change of a decision already taken, but of postponing its implementation until all the facts are fully clarified. Despite the pressure on leaders to be brave and act decisively, doing nothing is sometimes preferable to making a disastrous choice. If waiting can give you an edge over others, then the best solution is to allow them to take an early lead and learn from the mistakes they will inevitably make.

After all, the best leaders are those who think far enough in the future to admit their mistakes, change their minds, and even risk falling behind their competitors by their inaction, just to make the best decision. for the team and the company.

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