Five phrases that leaders need to use more often

Five phrases that leaders need to use more often

There are plenty of words and phrases that we should forget from now on.

However, there are many expressions that we should use more often this year. According to a study by Fresh Start Effect, a person is more likely to start something new after a holiday, weekend, and even a birthday. So, if you haven’t set your New Year’s resolutions yet, consider committing other than going to the gym. Think about a change in your language. Here are some phrases that as a leader I have committed to using more often in 2022:

“Let’s cancel this meeting”

According to a study, middle-level managers in the United States spend more than a third of their working time in meetings. For some senior executives, the percentage maybe even higher. In the end, however, you will not find a person who at the end of his career analyzes what has been achieved and says that he regrets that he did not spend more time in meetings. If you dare to reconsider those meetings that do not really benefit you or your subordinates and simply cancel them, you will eventually notice that your team has become more productive and less exhausted.

“What can I do to help you right now?”

With the advent of the new coronavirus, people are once again overwhelmed by the feeling that the pandemic is far from over. Many parents have difficulty balancing work with family responsibilities. Although about two years have passed since the beginning of the pandemic, not all people and businesses have adapted to teleworking or hybrid models. Concern for employees is especially important in these difficult times. However, it is important, to be honest in the offer of help and be ready to take real responsibility, not just talk about it.

“I really appreciate you”

If you want to keep your best employees in the current dynamic labor market, you need to express your gratitude and recognition for their good work more often and be as specific and clear as possible in pointing out the qualities you value in people. Whether it’s an email, a phone call, or a compliment during a team meeting, you need to make sure your employees know that their work doesn’t go unnoticed.

“Rethinking my position on this issue”

In his new book, Think Again, Wharton psychologist and professor Adam Grant pays special attention to the power that comes from a person’s ability to change his mind. As a leader, you probably feel a lot of pressure to know the answer to each question and to have a plan for each scenario. As a result, many leaders feel attached to their views and treat them as indisputable facts. Personally, in 2022, I promised myself to spend more time on the opinions of others, especially those views that contradict the status quo and my understanding of things.

“Here’s what I learned from my mistake”

Critical to the work of any leader is his ability to admit his mistakes. It is equally important that he be able to learn from them. In this way, failures return to normal and begin to relate to the lessons they teach us. After my recent mistake, I sent an email to my team with a detailed description of everything that had gone wrong, as well as the things I learned from the incident. This not only helped me realize exactly where I was wrong but also allowed my employees to hold me accountable for correcting my mistake.

The leader’s vocabulary sets the tone of the team’s work, so it’s important to choose the words you use well. These few short phrases can help you demonstrate empathy, humility, and transparency, as well as help your team grow and grow with you.

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