Determination: The quality you can’t lead without

Determination: The quality you can't lead without

Determination is one of those qualities that is not given much attention, although it is crucial for effective leadership.

Have you ever worked for a person who can’t make decisions and constantly asks others what they think needs to be done? If you have had this “happiness”, you know very well that such a person cannot be a true leader.

Whether you’re looking for someone to appoint to a managerial position, or just want to know if you fit that definition, here are a few things you’ll recognize as a determined leader.

Determined leaders keep their word

These are people who always take responsibility for their actions and decisions, whether they end in success or failure. Resolute leadership is based on the understanding that one must keep one’s word and act in a way that is in line with one’s promises.

Determined leaders believe in themselves

These leaders speak, concretely, and confidently. This belief in their skills and abilities significantly reduces the likelihood of questioning their decisions and avoiding responsibility, giving the last word on a particular issue to someone else. The leader is responsible for both the victories and the losses of his team.

Determined leaders make decisions quickly and find it difficult to change their minds

Being determined does not mean being stubborn, arrogant, and impulsive, but being able to make decisions quickly and independently. The most determined leaders can make quick decisions and stick to them to the last. However, this does not mean that they are not ready to change their views if someone introduces them to a better solution. Determined leaders believe in their instincts because they are based on long experience and a wealth of knowledge that is a guarantee of success.

Determined leaders have the trust of others

It is in our nature to trust people who act decisively and confidently. This is especially true for leaders who pay special attention to the way their decisions affect others.

Determined leaders are brave

Indecision is at the root of most fears, worries, and stress. When we are bolder, we are more likely to take well-considered risks. Learn to make decisions, even when you are not completely sure if your choice is the right one. Gather as much information as possible, analyze it objectively, and make a decision.

Determined leaders know how to learn

Even the best leaders sometimes make wrong decisions. When this is exactly what happens, they see their failure as a lesson to be learned. Due to this approach, they very rarely repeat the same mistake twice.

Determined leaders bring order to chaos

They understand that determination is a state of mind that is achieved with clarity of thought. They analyze the opportunities they have before them, draw up an action plan, and then stick to it.

Like most qualities and skills of good leaders, a determination is something that can be acquired and developed. So you wait to have to make a difficult decision before you become interested in developing your skills. Start this process today.

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